Walk With Me curriculum is being discontinued on June 30, 2018.Click here to learn about the transition to Dwell.


Walk With Me Graphics

Download the Walk With Me Logo.

Just for fun we’ve included the Walk With Me logo in different formats to brighten up your class and your kids.

Files listed with the JPG extension have been saved in the Joint Photographics Groups format, which is one of the most common web-publishing graphics formats; PNG extension have been saved in the Portable Network Graphics file format, which is recommended for use with most Microsoft products; files with an EPS extension can be used almost anywhere else. RGB color is good for most display and desktop printing but use the CMYK versions for 4-color offset printing.

To download the following images to your disk, click and hold (Mac) or right-click (Win) on one of the links below and save to disk.

Logo, greyscale, EPS file format
Logo, greyscale, JPG file format
Logo, greyscale, PNG file format

Logo, cmyk color, EPS file format
Logo, rgb color, JPG file format
Logo, rgb color, PNG file format

Copyright of these files is owned by Faith Alive Christian Resources. They represent an organization interested in maintaining a specific visual look and feel. If you are inclined to alter this art, please don't. Instead, contact us for help in providing you with something that will meet your needs.

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